Process Development

Senn Chemicals AG continues to invest significant resources towards research and development activities. Our R&D team consists of highly trained scientists with expertise in peptide, mimetic, amino acid, organic and carbohydrate chemistries. We strive to develop and improve synthetic methods to ensure the highest quality and on-time delivery for all of our products, while reducing environmental impact. We use Modde and Dynochem tools for process development. We are also an associate Member of Britest Ltd. We are ready to assist our customers with research and development, process development, scale up, and commercial manufacturing in the areas of:

  • Peptides and protected peptides
  • Carbohydrates
  • Amino acid derivatives (N-protected, carboxyl protected, etc)
  • Resins for peptide synthesis
  • Unnatural amino acids, both protected and unprotected
  • Reagents for solid phase synthesis
  • Building blocks (amino acids, peptides, peptide mimetics and carbohydrates)
  • Custom organic synthesis